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Towards the Republic

Towards the Republic or ''For the Sake of The Republic'' as it is known in some countries is a 60-episode produced by . A conclusive lecture given by Republic of China's founder Dr. Sun Yat-sen about his "Three Principles of the People" and "Five-Power Constitution", which constitutes the final five minutes of the entire play, was cut from broadcast during the shows national première on CCTV-1. It deals with the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the and creation of the Republic of China.

Cast & Crew

* as Li Hongzhang
*Lu Zhong as Empress Dowager Cixi
*Ma Shaohua as Sun Yat-sen
*Sun Chun as Yuan Shikai
*Sun Ning as Kang Youwei
*Li Guangjie as the Guangxu Emperor
*Xu Min as the Prince Qing Yikuang

*Produced by Gao Jianmin
*Directed by Zhang Li
*Theme Song "Towards the Sunset" sung by Xu Peidong

The Story of a Noble Family

The Story of a Noble Family was a major drama series produced in Beijing, China. It was a drama about a young man from a family of nobles, Jin Yanxi, who falls in love with a poor girl named Leng Qingqiu. Although the differences in their social stature keeps them from being together, they continue to date. Another girl from a noble family, Bai Xiuzhu, also falls in love with Yanxi, who rejects her and goes on to marry Qingqiu. However, his restlessness, spoiled personality, and tiredness of his married life prompts him to have an extramarital affair with Xiuzhu. When finally Yanxi offers to leave his wife Qingiu and his newborn son to accompany Xiuzhu to Germany, he splits up with his wife.

When the house in which his wife and son lived catches fire, Yanxi thinks that they died and falls to the floor in sorrow and regret. However, Qingqiu had actually escaped with the baby. Yanxi goes to try and find his wife at the train station, and sees and hugs her in his imagination. As it can be seen, Qingqiu was actually below him on a southbound train. Yanxi gives up, and deciding that there was nothing left for him back home , he boards a train headed in the opposite direction. The once loving couple thus go their separate ways, never to see each other again.

This is a story of love, pain, and drama. This takes place in an older time in China, when there were still people who followed the laws of nobility.

This film was produced with a total of 40 episodes. It aired on CCTV-8. This film is in the Chinese dialect of Mandarin with Chinese subtitles.

The film was written partially by Li Sheng Xi, Liu Shung, Li Shiu.

The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006 TV series)

The Return of the Condor Heroes is a wuxia television series produced by director Zhang Jizhong in 2006. This adaptation of Jinyong's novel ''The Return of the Condor Heroes'' was first broadcasted on 17 March 2006 in China which was followed by subsequent broadcasts in other Asian countries. Spanning over 41 episodes, this series focuses on the development of Yang Guo as he ultimately becomes the ''Condor Hero'' and his relationship with his master, Xiaolongnü.

Plot summary

The story continues from '' .'' After the marriage of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, they adopted young Yang Guo, son of Guo Jing's late sworn brother and mortal enemy Yang Kang after his mother Mu Nianci has died due to illness. Guo Jing sent Yang Guo to learn martial arts from the Quanzhen Sect after a series of incidents on Peach Blossom Island.

Elsewhere, Li Mochou sought vengeance on the Lu family some years after her ex-lover Lu Zhanyuan and his wife died. After killing almost all the members of the Lu Family, she ran into Huang Yaoshi, father-in-law of Guo Jing, and fought with him. During the fight, she managed to distract the martial art master by poisoning Cheng Ying. She then kidnapped Lu Wushuang, Lu Zhanyuan's niece.

The Ancient Tomb sect

After Guo Jing left him in the care of the '''' , Yang Guo was ill-treated by Zhao Zhijing and his disciples. He escaped and entered the ''Tomb of the Living Dead''. The Taoists followed him there but were stopped by the jade bees. Upon the Taoists' return to the tomb, Grandma Sun protected Yang Guo as they fought back against the Taoists but was mortally wounded in the fight at Chongyang Palace. Suddenly, Xiaolongnü appeared; gliding down gracefully from the roof. With her last breath, Grandma Sun made Xiaolongnü promise to look after Yang Guo for all eternity. After fighting with the Taoists, Xiaolongnü brought Yang Guo and Grandma Sun’s body back to the tomb. As she sealed Grandma Sun's coffin, Xiaolongnü stood emotionlessly beside the coffin while Yang Guo cried, swearing that he will avenge Grandma Sun one day.

Keeping her promise, Xiaolongnü took Yang Guo in and accepted him as her disciple. As time passed, Yang Guo's martial arts improved under Xiaolongnü's teachings and guidance. After both Xiaolongnü and Yang Guo finally mastered the two skills , they began to learn their sect's highest level of martial arts, the ''Maiden Finesse''. However, one night while they were practising, they were interrupted by Zhao Zhijing and who were fighting. With her energy flow disrupted, Xiaolongnü was injured severely. After their return to the tomb, Li Mochou seized the opportunity to demand the ''Jade Maiden Manual'' from Xiaolongnü. Sealing the only exit out of the tomb to prevent Li Mochou and her disciple from leaving the tomb, Xiaolongnü and Yang Guo escaped from Li's clutches and found another way out of the tomb by coincidence. Desperate to escape from the tomb, Li Mochou reluctantly co-operated with them and eventually left the tomb with them.

Alone again, Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü continued to practise the ''Jade Heart Manual''. Upon mastering the skill, Xiaolongnü was troubled about Yang Guo and her future. That night, Ouyang Feng came and surprised Xiaolongnü, starting a fight between them. However, they stopped by Yang Guo's interference. Upon recognising each other, Ouyang Feng and Yang Guo hugged each other as Xiaolongnü watched nearby. Ouyang Feng wanted to impart his martial arts skills to Yang Guo but did not want Xiaolongnü to watch. Out of Yang Guo's sight, Ouyang Feng immoblised Xiaolongnü in an open space under a tree. Zhen Zhibing, who had witnessed this, seized the opportunity to approach Xiaolongnü from behind. Xiaolongnü thought Yang Guo was playing with her as she was unable to see who was actually behind her. Zhen Zhibing proceeded to undress her and rape her as Zhao Zhijing watched from a distance. After a while, Yang Guo returned to find Xiaolongnü lying still underneath the tree. Yang Guo unparalysed her and was puzzled when Xiaolongnü hugged him. When Yang Guo refused to acknowledge her as his wife at her prompting, Xiaolongnü immobilised Yang Guo and left in anger.

Rejection by society

Yang Guo began to search everywhere for Xiaolongnü but could not find her. After a while, Xiaolongnü missed Yang Guo and searched everywhere for him. Xiaolongnü finally found Yang Guo at the place where the ''Heroes' Feast'' was being held. After their intended marriage was revealed to everyone present there, they were scorned at by the society due to the tradition that stated marital relations between a master and a disciple were forbidden. They were separated again after Huang Rong talked to Xiaolongnü about Yang Guo being looked down upon by others in the future. Naive and deeply concerned for Yang Guo, Xiaolongnü left him to return to the tomb. Yang Guo looked for her and along the way, he met Huang Yaoshi and his disciple Sha Gu, who revealed to him that Huang Rong had killed his father. Torn between love and revenge, Yang Guo decided to avenge his father and made a pact with Jinlun Guoshi, a martial arts expert in the Mongolian army who was planning an attack on China. Together, they sought to kill Guo Jing and Huang Rong.

Passionless Valley

They travelled to the Passionless Valley where Yang Guo found Xiaolongnü, who had been rescued by Gongsun Zhi, after she attempted to commit suicide. However, Xiaolongnü refused to acknowledge him and wanted him to leave her as she was. After his countless declarations of love and refusals to leave, Xiaolongnü finally acknowledged him and both promised never to leave each other again. They eventually left the Passionless Valley with a promise of an antidote to Yang Guo's poison on one condition, that they will bring back the severed heads of Huang Rong and Guo Jing. Both of them were poisoned by the fatal Love Flower that bloomed in the valley.

After they reached Xiangyang, where Guo Jing and a Chinese army were stationed to counter the Mongolians’ attack on China, Yang Guo had an inner confusion whether to kill Guo Jing and Huang Rong or not. He had only eighteen more days to live but instead, he saved Guo Jing's life when the Mongolians attacked out of respect for Guo Jing when he saw the latter risking his life for China.

During this turbulent time, and her twin brother Guo Polu were born, but Li Mochou kidnapped the newborn Guo Xiang from Jinlun Guoshi, who had seized her from Xiaolongnü, whom Huang Rong had entrusted Guo Xiang to. Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü were separated again after yet another misunderstanding. During an argument, Guo Fu severed Yang Guo's right arm. Due to another misunderstanding, Guo Fu believed that Yang Guo, who was poisoned, traded her sister in for the antidote in Passionless Valley because Guo Xiang was missing. She was under the impression that the Wu brothers thought that her parents betrothed her to Yang Guo. In fact, Yang Guo had used Huang Rong's Dog Beating Stick Technique to stop the Wu brothers from fighting each other to win Guo Fu’s hand. Yang Guo had lied to them in order for them to stop fighting each other to win Guo Fu’s hand and spend their lives serving the Chinese army to counter the Mongolian attack instead. Spoiled, obstinate, and easily angered, she told her that his mentor was impure, after overhearing a conversation, from which Yang Guo's mentor learned she was impure.

Yang Guo, who knew nothing about the incident under the tree that night at the time, warned her never to insult Xiaolongnü again, but she, already angry at her father because she abandoned the injured Yang Guo after he saved her mother, thoughtlessly repeated her earlier remark. He slapped her hard, and she sliced off his arm with a sword. Shocked, she ran to her mother to beg her to plead with her father. Guo Jing was very angry after he found out about the incident and decided to punish his daughter by slicing off her arm as well as punishment, but his wife stopped him.

However, this incident would forever strain the relationships between Guo Jing and his daughter, as he will never forgive her for what she done. While recovering, Yang Guo learnt ''Dugu Qiubai's Sword Techniques'' from the great condor he befriended and tried to adapt to his disability. They were reunited at Chongyang Palace after the leaders of the Quanzhen Sect severely wounded Xiaolongnü. Never wanting to leave each other again, they were married at the temple in the Chongyang Palace.

Broken Heart Cliff

After they returned to the Passionless Valley to obtain the antidote for Yang Guo's poison, Yang Guo threw away the antidote which Xiaolongnü had fought very hard to retrieve from Gongsun Zhi. Since Xiaolongnü's wound was incurable, Yang Guo did not want to live without her. However, Xiaolongnü did not want Yang Guo to die. Xiaolongnü left, leaving behind a message for Yang Guo that said they would meet again in 16 years. Realising that Yang Guo had not seen through Xiaolongnü's message, Huang Rong tricked him into believing that there was a "Divine Nun of the South Sea" who comes around every 16 years and has the ability to heal Xiaolongnü. Heart-broken, Yang Guo believed her and returned to join the Condor which he had befriended earlier and continued his martial arts training. He also developed a new palm technique called ''Melancholic Palms,'' which responses to his disability and emotions.


16 years later, Yang Guo was now known as the "Condor Hero" after his numerous noble deeds. He chanced upon the teenage Guo Xiang who ran into some trouble. Infatuated with Yang Guo, Guo Xiang made him promise to meet her again on her sixteenth birthday. They had an adventure and he gave her three golden needles or wishes she wants him to fulfill for her. At the ''Heroes' Feast'', Yang Guo met Guo Jing, Huang Rong and Huang Yaoshi, who was also present. Yang Guo turned the festival into a birthday party with the rest of his friends and allies while defending Xiangyang from the Mongolian army led by ''M?ngke Khan'' and Jinlun Guoshi. Huang Yaoshi later revealed to him that there was no "Divine Nun of the South Sea" in a conversation. Yang Guo raced back to the Broken Heart Cliff. On his way there, he passed by the ruined temple where his father died and met one of Guo Jing's martial art masters Ke Zhen'e, along with the former associates of the Jin prince Wanyan Honglie and Yang Kang . From them, he discovered the truth that his father was a deceitful, villainous, and murderous traitor to his country, family, and friends before he met his end. Overwhelmed with emotions by his father's villainous past, Yang Guo finally understood why Huang Rong had never fully trusted him since childhood and why he was such an outcast in the martial society even before the affair with his wife. Also, he decided to give up his desire to avenge his father. He finally reached the cliff, where he waited for one whole day for Xiaolongnü to appear. He finally realised that Xiaolongnü had sacrificed her life to save his. At that moment, his overwhelming sorrow led him to jump over the cliff. Yang Guo fell into a lake and noticed the jade bees. He dived into the lake and entered a cave. There, he noticed a ''Chilled Jade Bed'', similar to the one back at the ancient tomb. Suddenly, Yang Guo felt a presence and turned around to see Xiaolongnü gliding in the air gracefully with bees flying around her. Xiaolongnü also turned and said Yang Guo's name in disbelief. They flew to each other and hugged. Meanwhile at Xiangyang, a full-scale battle was taking place as the Mongolians continued their attack. Jinlun Guoshi used Guo Xiang as bait to lure Guo Jing and Huang Rong out of the city. The Mongolians attacked the Guo family, who were now outside the safety of the city walls. Suddenly, the Condor, Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü joined the battle, helping the Guo family. Yang Guo fought with Jinlun Guoshi and eventually won. He then eliminated ''M?ngke Khan'', disbanding the entire Mongolian army, caused a civil war that disrupted the unity and invincibility of the Mongol Empire, and halting their invasion for another thirteen years until the succession of ''Kublai Khan. '' Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü returned to Xiangyang and were received as heroes, and Yang Guo and Guo Jing finally fully made peace with each other as they marching the street of the city together with their families and friends like father and son. They left with the Condor as Guo Xiang watched and made a wish that Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü will hopefully spend the rest of their lives together.


After the celebration, many heroes went to Mt. Hua to visit the graves of the late Ouyang Feng and Hong Qigong. There, Huang Rong claimed new titles for the five main heroes who defended the city as The New Five Greats:

* Zhou Botong - is known as the Old Imp . At the end of the novel, he reluctantly took central position of the Five Greats as 'Zhong Wantong' which used to belong to his apprentice brother, Wang Chongyang aka Zhong Shentong.
* Huang Yaoshi - is known as the Eastern Heretic , a man who had a strong dislike for the ethics of that era and has a mercurial disposition. Also respectfully called Taohua Daozhu for where he lives, though he tends to wander around in this novel because his daughter and son-in-law has taken over the island.
* Yang Guo - is known as the Western Eccentric , in reference to his flouting of the conventions, including the forbidden marriage to his master. As the name suggests, he gets along well with the Eastern Heretic Huang Yaoshi. Successor to Ouyang Feng , the Western Venom who is also his foster father.
* Yideng Dashi - is known as the Southern Monk . He used to be called the Southern Emperor , because he was the king of the Kingdom of Dali but he abdicated and entered the monastery to become a monk.
* Guo Jing - is known as the Northern Hero , for his compassion and devoted efforts in helping to defend Xiangyang over the years against the Mongolian invasion. A successor to Northern Beggar Hong Qigong , who was also one of his teachers.

Before leaving the city, Yang Guo gave Guo Xiang his treasured Heavy Iron Sword as a gift for her, and taught a fraction of his skills to a young Zhang Sanfeng. Yang Guo and Zhang Sanfeng later chased Jinlun's allies Yin Kexi and Xiaoxiangzi after they had stolen Jiu Yang Zhen Jing manual script from Shaolin Temple. But the books were nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to all present at Mountain Hua, Yin Kexi had hidden the Jiu Yang Zhen Jing in the abdomen of a large gorilla. The story would continue in ''The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre'' , as the fates of the Guo and Yang families would reveal in the final chapter of ''The Condor Trilogy''.


*Huang Xiaoming as Yang Guo
*Liu Yifei as Xiaolongnü
*Wang Luoyong as Guo Jing
*Kong Lin as Huang Rong
*Meng Guangmei as Li Mochou
*Zhong Zhentao as Gongsun Zhi
*Chen Zihan as Guo Fu
*Yang Mi as
*Qian Bo as Guo Polu
*Ba Yin as Jinlun Guoshi
*Wang Ning as Wu Dunru
*Zhao Zhentao as Wu Xiuwen
*Zhao Hongfei as Yelü Qi
*Fu Shui as Gongsun Lü’e
*Zhang Jizhong as Yelü Chucai
*Gao Hu as Huo Du
* as Lu Wushuang
*Wang Jia Cheng Ying
*Cheng Haofeng as
*Liu Naiyi as Zhao Zhijing
*Zhai Naishe as Ouyang Feng
*Zhao Liang as Zhou Botong
*Li Mingqi as Sun Popo
*Rao Min as Yelü Yan
*Sun Lihua as Wanyan Ping
* as Qiu Qianchi
*Yuan Wan as Kublai Khan
*Hei Zi as Feng Mofeng
*Liang Li as Ying Gu
*Wang Weiguo as Duan Zhixing/Yideng
*Lü Shigang as Qiu Qianren/Ci’en
*Da Li as Hong Qigong
*Ma Jielin as Ke Zhen’e
*Xiao Ding Dang as young Yang Guo
*Tian Zhong as Lu Qingdu
*Mu Lixin as Zhu Ziliu
*Chen Jiming as Qiu Chuji
*Liu Pizhong as Hao Datong
*Sun Xiaoyan as Sun Bu’er
* as Ma Yu
*Su Mao as Wang Chuyi
*Gao Mingku as Liu Chuxuan
*Li Zhonghua as Wu Santong
*Zhao Dandan as Hong Lingbo
*Zhou Gang as Da’er Ba
*Ma Zijun as The Indian Monk
*Zhang Hengping as Lu Youjiao
*Huang Xiaolei as Sha Gu
*Zhang Zhenyong as Nimoxing
* as Xiaoxiangzi
*Xiu Ge as Yin Kexi
*Zhang Shen as Ma Guangzuo
*Zhang Jidie as Fan Yiweng
* as M?ngke Khan
*Li Hu as Lü Wende
*Guo Jun as Wang Chongyang
*Yu Ting as Lin Chaoying
*Zhou Haodong as Lu Liding
* as Li Zhichang
*Meng Honggang as Wang Zhitan
*Tao Jixin as one of the five Shi Brothers
*Wang Xiuqiang as one of the five Shi Brothers
*Wang Weizhen as one of the five Shi Brothers
* as one of the five Shi Brothers
* as one of the five Shi Brothers
*Xu Jingyi as one of the Ghosts of the Western Mountain
* as one of the Ghosts of the Western Mountain
* as one of the Ghosts of the Western Mountain
*Feng Songsong as one of the Ghosts of the Western Mountain
*Ye Qian as one of the Ghosts of the Western Mountain
* as one of the Ghosts of the Western Mountain
*Zhu Lei as He Shiwo
*Wang Jiusheng as Lu Guanying
*Wang Chi as Cheng Yaojia
* as Wang Shisan
*Wang Lizhou as Ji Qingxu
*Hu Zhiyong as Pi Qingxuan
*Gan Yong as Chen the Beggar
*Wang Feibiao as Han the Beggar
*Zhou Zhong as Shen Zhifan
*Zhang Jin as Lan Tianhe
*Ren Wu as Bai Cao Xian
*Yan Boya as Sheng Yin the Black Dress Nun
*Tong Jiangang as Renchuzi
*Wei Binghua as Qinglingzi
*Tang Qirong as Sha Tongtian
*Cao Zhenyu as Hou Tonghai
*Li Jianchang as Peng Lianhu
*Jiao Changdao as Lingzhi Shangren
*Ren Maocheng as The Dark Face Man
*Li Aiqin as Xiao Bang Tou
*Chen Anni as young Guo Fu
*Wang Jiayi as young Cheng Ying
*Ge Shimin as young Lu Wushuang
*Chen Yalun as young Wu Dunru
*Ye Qile as young Wu Xiuwen
*Zhou Jie as Yang Kang


* Filming began in October 2004 and ended in May 2005.
* Filming locations include Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning, Beijing and Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Differences with the novel

Although this television series follows the novel's plot closely, there were several details that were altered or depicted differently. As with other adaptations, various scenes from the novel were omitted from the series.

International broadcasts


The original television drama soundtrack was released on 13 May 2006. There are two versions of the soundtrack. The mainland Chinese release contains a total of 15 tracks while the Taiwanese release includes two bonus tracks. The original score was composed by Xiao Chong .


*Producer Zhang Jizhong had previously adapted three other Jinyong's novels. ''The Smiling, Proud Wanderer'' and ''The Legend of the Condor Heroes'' were produced to great acclaim. ''Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils'' was heavily panned by fans and critics alike.
*Actor Wang Luoyong and actress Kong Lin took over the roles of Guo Jing and Huang Rong from Li Yapeng and Zhou Xun of ''The Legend of the Condor Heroes'' .
*Segments from ''The Legend of the Condor Heroes'' were featured as flashbacks including the scene depicting how Yang Kang died, who was portrayed by Zhou Jie .
*Some of the cast of the cast members from ''The Legend of the Condor Heroes'' reprised their roles for this remake, including Zhao Liang , Huang Xiaolei , Liang Li , and Wang Weiguo .
*Motion picture scores from the United States's movies were used for this remake, including ''Terminator 2: Judgment Day,'' '','' ''The Day After Tomorrow,'' '''', ''Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,'' and ''Batman Begins.''
*The chorus from Iwasaki Taku's "Shades of Revolution", a Rurouni Kenshin OVA musical score, was used in a minor fight scene between Yang Guo and Li Mochou .
*Actress Liu Yifei previously played another Jingyong's character as Wang Yuyan from ''Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils'' .
* Huang Xiaoming worked with actress Zhou Xun on the movie '','' who previously played Huang Rong on Zhang Jizhong's ''The Legend of the Condor Heroes'' .
* Huang Xiaoming previously worked with Zhou Jie and Jiang Qinqin previously on 還珠格格3 television series. They both played Yang Guo's parents on Zhang Jizhong's The Legend of the Condor Heroes .
* Ba Yin , who play Jinlun Guoshi previously played Guo Jing's arching teacher Jebe on ''The Legend of Condor Heroes'' , and currently playing Genghis Khan on ''The Legend of Condor Heroes'' .
* Actress Chen Zihan , who play Guo Fu, previously played Yin Li on ''The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre'' , another adaptation of Jinyong's work and also the third part of ''The Condor Trilogy''. She also were in another one of Jinyong's television adaptation remake ‘‘The Smiling, Proud Wanderer'' .
* The melody of the song "Dearest" by Ayumi Hamasaki, famous for being in the Inuyasha television series, can be heard in the background on episode 15 during the scene where Gongsun Zhi is talking to Xiaolongnü at the Passionless Valley.

Star Boulevard

Star Boulevard is a China's first TV Musical series. It also called as ''Walk of Fame''. This series sponsored by Starlight International Media Co. Ltd, the 20-episode TV series will feature some of Hong Kong's best including Jordan Chan, Eric Tsang and Ruby Lin. But these heavyweights will only be playing a supporting role this time because the real stars of the show are newbies Huang Yida, Yang Ziting, Lu Jiejun and Li Xuan.


* Production company : Starlight International Media Co. Ltd
* Country : China
* Number of episodes : 20
* Genre : Musical, Drama, Romance
* Year Released : 2006
* Original channel :
* Directors : Andy Chin Wing-Keung, Raymond Yip Wai-Man


* Jordan Chan as Wu Ku
* Ruby Lin as Mi Lu
* Eric Tsang as Mr. Lu
* Huang Yida as Alan
* Yang Zi Ting as Man Yao
* Lu Jie Jun
* Li Xuan


As a musical, the music in Star Boulevard is the key to its success. So Singaporean music producers, brothers Lee Si Song and Lee Wei Song, were asked to contribute to the soundtrack. Total 15 songs written by the Lees will be performed in the musical.


The musical TV series ''Star Boulevard'' is about a group of young university music students striving for their musical dreams, and in the end their dreams of performing on stage is realized in "Xing Guang Xing Yuan," stepping onto their own star boulevard. The story starts in the piano workshop, born from there is Le Manyao , who has an unimaginable perfect singing voice. During her childhood, because of a friend Xiao Nu's practical joke, she turned a "stutterer." At this time Xiao Nu, due to a family situation, left home with his mother.

Romance in the Rain

Romance in the Rain is a drama television series produced by Chiung Yao, a famous novelist in Taiwan. Romance in the Rain is an adaptation of her novel ''Yan Yu Meng Meng'' , and a remake of the 1986 miniseries Yan Yu Meng Meng. The series follows the Lu family in 1930's Shanghai, China. It stars Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku, and Alec Su. It was shown on television in the following countries and regions: mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the United States, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam , Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, France,Philippines, and Russia.


''Philippine names are written in italics''
* Lu Yiping/ ''Trixia Lu'' , played by Vicki Zhao
The protagonist of Romance in the Rain, Yiping is one of the many children of Lu Zhenhua, a retired general with nine wives. Her mother, Fu Wenpei, is the general's eighth wife. Both she and her mother are expelled from the Lu household through the actions of her father's ninth wife, Xue Qin. She has two half-sister Ruping and Mengping, one half-brother Erhao and one stepbrother Erjie. The only family member she bore no strong hatred from the 'other side' was Ruping. At first she was at odds with her half-brother Erhao and half-sister Mengping but was able to learn to love them and accept them as her sibling. She had one sister who was also the daughter of her mother called Xinping who died 7 years before the scene. Xinping was the favorite daughter of her father and she always thinks that she could not replace and be better than Xinping. After an earlier encounter, she meets a reporter named He Shuhuan at a Shanghai nightclub. Shuhuan is soon captivated by Yiping's singing talent, emotion, and mystery. After finding out her half-sister Ruping's love for Shuhuan, she sought Shuhuan's love as revenge. However, Yiping soon falls in love with Shuhuan as well and softens as a result. After the death of her father Yiping became the sole financial support of the Lu family as Erhao also enlist in the army.

* Lu Ruping/ ''Romina Lu'' , played by Ruby Lin
Ruping is one of the daughters of Lu Zhenhua, as well as Yiping's half-sister from her father, sister to Erhao and Mengping and half-sister to Erjie from her mother. Her mother, Xue Qin, was father's ninth and final wife. Pretty and sympathetic, Ruping grew up in a wealthy environment but is not prejudiced against Yiping like the rest of her family. Ruping's first love interest is Shuhuan, who she met after Shuhuan asked her to guard some negatives for him. At the same time, she also meets Du Fei, Shuhuan's colleague, who develops a strong feelings for Ruping. After the failure of her engagement with Shuhuan and helping her mother and Erjie to escape by contacting Wei Guangxiong which leads to the poverty of the Lu family she ran away trying to commit suicide; however, later she did not commit suicide but joined the red cross and became a nurse helping the wounded soldiers in the battlefield. For a long time, Ruping only loves Shuhuan but when she meets Du Fei in the battlefield during the war, she told Du Fei that unbeknowst to her she has fallen for him for such a long time. She told Du Fei that she missed Du Fei everyday. They end up getting married.

* He Shuhuan/ ''Nathan He'' , played by Leo Ku
A reporter from Nanjing, He Shuhuan is the love interest of sisters Lu Yiping and Lu Ruping. His feelings towards Yiping are romantic, while he only treats Ruping as his friend. At the beginning of the series he was thought to be having a relationship even though he was only treating Ruping as a special friend. Despite several arguments, and going back and forth between Yiping and Ruping, he remains passionate towards Yiping. After reading Yiping's diary and discovering that Yiping was only dating to get revenge with 'that side' of the family he was lead to anger and broke up with her. He later engaged with Ruping but left her during the engagement party for Yiping. Towards the end of the story, Shuhuan goes off to fight in the , leaving Yiping waiting for him.

* Du Fei/ ''Clifford'', played by Alec Su
Like Shuhuan, Du Fei is a reporter. He is extremely passionate about his love for Ruping, but Ruping attempts to reject his love. A caring man, Du Fei always helps others in need but is also careless and clumsy. During the , Du Fei, upset by Ruping's disappearance, goes to the battlefield as a reporter.

* Lu Erhao/ ''Edwin'' , played by Gao Xin
Erhao is the son of Lu Zhenhua and Xue Qin, brother to Ruping and Mengping, and half-brother to Yiping from his father and Erjie from his mother. He is the love interest of Yiping's best friend Fang Yu. However, his relationship with Fang Yu becomes complex after Erhao discovers that his past childhood love, Keyun, once had his child and is now mentally disabled. At the beginning of the series Erhao hated Yiping but for the sake of Fang Yu he tried hard to make peace with Yiping. He was able to put aside his hatred towards Yiping and grew to love and accept her as his sister and part of the family. Erhao later enlists in the army as well leaving Fang Yu waiting for him.

* Fang Yu/ ''Gigi'' , played by Li Yu
The best friend of Yiping who falls in love with Yiping's half-brother, Erhao. Yiping is at first against Fang Yu's relationship with Erhao, especially after finding out about Keyun, but Fang Yu continued to love Erhao despite complications in their relationship.

* Li Keyun/ ''Judith Li'' , played by Xu Lu
The daughter of Li Fuguan and Li Shao, Keyun had a childhood romance with Erhao which resulted in a pregnancy. She did not inform Erhao about this. After their baby's death, Keyun developed a mental illness. Throughout Romance in the Rain, Yiping, Shuhuan, Erhao, Ruping, Du Fei, and Fang Yu attempt to help Keyun recover her memory. In the end, Keyun gets better.

* Lu Zhenhua/ ''General Hector Lu'', played by Kou Zhenhai
The father of Yiping, Lu Zhenhua is a retired, respected general. He was married to nine women, all of which he eventually lost interest in. As a result of his tragic romance with Pingping, Lu Zhenhua is inclined to marry any woman who bore a resemblance to Pingping. It is revealed later after he died that the person who bore the closest resemblance towards his long-lost love Pingping was not his wives but his daughter the deceased Xinping, the sister of Yiping and daughter of Wenpei who became his favorite daughter. Although his relationship with Yiping is tumultuous at the beginning, the two eventually build a strong bond through their similarities. At first he was hated by Yiping especially after he whipped Yiping, but as the series goes on Yiping grew to love him. He died after getting shot while fighting off Japanese soldiers trying to protect Yiping and Shuhuan.

* Fu Wenpei/ ''Ester'' , played by Xu Xing
The eighth wife of Lu Zhenhua, Fu Wenpei is gentle and moral compared to Zhenhua's ninth wife, Xueqin. After Zhenhua married Xueqin, he lost interest in Wenpei and eventually was expelled from the Lu household. She and Zhenhua had two daughters: the deceased Xinping and Yiping. The death of Xinping brought great disturbance and grieve to her. She cannot forget about Xinping and always thinks of her much to Yiping's dismay who thought that she could never replaced Xinping in Wenpei's heart. Wenpei was of noble character especially when she talked for Wang Xueqin to Zhenhua even after she was always treated unfairly and badly by Wang Xueqin. She later became the mother figure to the children of Lu Zhenhua with Wang Xueqin especially towards Mengping. At the beginning, Wenpei lives a modest life with Yiping.

* Wang Xueqin/ ''Clarita Wang'' , played by Wang Lin
The ninth wife of Lu Zhenhua, Xueqin is devious and power hungry. She also had an affair outside her marriage for more than ten years with a man named Wei Guangxiong which started in the Haerbin and followed her to Shanghai when she moved to Shanghai unbeknowst to Zhenhua. Although Zhenhua has a strong interest in her at the beginning, eventually her negative actions cause him to change his feelings. After Zhenhua found out of her affairs she was locked up together with her youngest son Erjie. He also tried to shoot her, but was stopped by, surprisingly, Yiping and Shuhuan, who hated her the most. Xueqin told Ruping to call Wei Guangxiong and rescue her. She was rescued, but was neglected later as Wei Guangxiong lost interest in her. She and Zhenhua had three children: Lu Erhao, Lu Ruping, and Lu Mengping. Her youngest son, Erjie, was the result of her affair with Wei Guangxiong.

* Lu Mengping/ ''Meldy Lu'' , played by Yue Tingting
The youngest daughter of Zhenhua and Xueqin. Mengping is the sister of Erhao and Ruping and half-sister of Yiping from her father and Erjie from her mother. Mengping is at first prejudiced towards Yiping like her mother, but later learned to love Yiping. She enjoys partying and having fun, but after she is raped as a result of drinking too much, her personality changes drastically. She turns more forgiving and eventually learns to accept Yiping as part of her family later after the death of her father she lived with Yiping, Wenpei, Li Fuguan, Li sao, Keyun in the Lu mansion. She helped took care of the orphaned children whose parents were killed or separated during the war. Mengping later take Wenpei as the mother figure as the replacement of the mother who left.

* Li Fuguan/ ''Officer Li'' , played by Cao Qiugen
One of Zhenhua's officers and most trusted person, Li Fuguan is also retired soldiers and living a quiet life in Shanghai. Originally servants for the Lu household, Li Fuguan and his family left after discovering Keyun's pregnancy. For several years, Li Fuguan and his family were financially assisted by Yiping's mother, Wenpei despite her own financial difficulty. Later Yiping take a job as a songstress in "Big Shanghai" nightclub not only for the sake of herself and her mother but also for the sake of supporting the family of Li Fuguan.

* Qin Wuye , played by Huang Daliang
A wealthy businessman in Shanghai, Qin Wuye is the owner of a nightclub called "Big Shanghai." When Yiping comes in search for work, Qin Wuye offers her a job to sing at his nightclub after being stunned by Yiping's attitude. Eventually, Yiping's relationship with Qin Wuye grows stronger and Yiping relies on him several times for assistance. Qin Wuye gave the job as a songstress in the "Big Shanghai" during the war and during the financial crisis of the Lu family.

* Pingping , played by Wang Yan
Pingping was the daughter of a statesman and a princess whom the young Lu Zhenhua fell in love with. Lu Zhenhua later pursued his hopes to become a victorious general in order to marry Pingping. However, before he achieved this, Pingping committed suicide in order to avoid an arranged marriage, which had a powerful effect on Zhenhua. Because of his love for Pingping, Lu Zhenhua gives all of his daughters a name that includes the character Ping : Xinping , Yiping , Ruping , and Mengping .

Princess Pearl

Princess Pearl is a of Qiong Yao's novel-series of the same name. It stars Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Alec Su, and Zhou Jie and is a joint-production between Taiwan and Mainland China. Because of the heavy comic elements present in the first two seasons of the series, the show can be classified as a dramedy . Fans may often abbreviate this series as "HZGG".

The legend of Princess Huanzhu of the Qing dynasty and the reign of Emperor Qianlong served as the initial inspiration for the author, acclaimed Taiwanese romance writer . Although some of the characters and the premise of the plot are based on real historical events and figures, considerable artistic license was employed and the series is largely fictional.

Due to its immense popularity, this series propelled its four main leads to super stardom in . The first season debutted in 1998, it had a successful run becoming a region-wide phenomenon, winning over legions of fans. A second season was first broadcast in 1999 and a third in 2003. It is popular in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and even Thailand. In fact, the second season broke China's TV record with the highest ratings ever, achieveing almost 50% viewership in all local TV stations.

The third season saw the show suffer a backlash in popularity, partly because most of the original cast, including the main characters, had been replaced with different actors and actresses. Zhou Jie was the only principal actor from the original series who remained.


Original Cast

New Cast Members


* - Appeared in Season One only. Dropped from Series.
* - Joined the cast in Season Two
* - Joined the cast in Season Three
* - Remained a cast member from Season 1-3.

Controversy over Casting of Season Three

The cast of Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 changed drastically, as the majority of the original cast declined the offer to star in another sequel. Furthermore, many of the original cast members from ''Huan Zhu Ge Ge'' have become much more famous than before, taking on additional project offers. Hence, their busy schedules did not permit time to star in another season of ''Huan Zhu Ge Ge''.

The decision to use new actors was not well-received by fans, who had grown to love the original portrayals of the characters.

In their place, Betty Huang was cast as Xiao Yan Zi, Leo Ku from ''Romance in the Rain'' as Yong Qi, and Ma Yili as Xia Zi Wei.

Aside from the main characters, other supporting characters who were absent from ''Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3'' include the strong veteran cast of Zhang Tie Lin , Dai Chun Rong , Li Ming Qi , and Juan Zi . They have since been replaced by a new set of veteran cast.

Jin Suo, Liu Qing, Liu Hong, Han Xiang, and Meng Dan, were not written into the storyline for ''Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3''.

One change that was more welcomed was the replacement of Zhu Hongjia with Huang Xiaoming for the titular character of Xiaojian.

The only original cast members from the first 2 seasons to remain are Zhou Jie , Zhao Minfen and Wang Yan .

Death of Hanxiang Actress

The actress who played the character in Season 2 of ''Huan Zhu Ge Ge'', Liu Dan, was involved in a fatal car accident that killed her; shortly after filming of the 2nd Season wrapped.


Part One

Huan Zhu Ge Ge is the story of an orphan whose life changes after she is accidentally named princess.

It starts off with the tale of two sworn sisters: orphaned adventuress Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei, a talented young lady with an interesting history. Zi Wei is actually the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Qianlong. Eighteen years ago, Qianlong had an affair with her mother, Xia Yu He, at Lake Daming in Jinan. Because of political reasons, Qianlong left Yu He, promising to return for her. However, Yu He was already pregnant with his child and waited faithfully for his return. On her deathbed, Yu He asks Zi Wei to find her father, Qianlong.

Zi Wei takes on this arduous task with her servant Jin Suo. After the two arrive in Beijing, they discover the challenges of entering the Forbidden City. Meanwhile, they meet Xiao Yan Zi, a clever and daring girl around their age. Having been abandoned at a young age, Xiao Yan Zi lives with her buddies Liu Qing and Liu Hong in the Da Zha Yuan. Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi soon develop a meaningful friendship. As Zi Wei runs out of supplies and money, she moves in with Xiao Yan Zi who earns her trust. Zi Wei tells Xiao Yan Zi her huge secret mission.

Xiao Yan Zi agrees to help Zi Wei with her mission. They plan to meet Qianlong during his hunting trip to a local mountain. However, climbing up the mountain turns out to be a challenging task. The frail Zi Wei and Jin Suo struggle to climb up. Hence, Zi Wei decides to send Xiao Yan Zi as her trustworthy messenger. She gives Xiao Yan Zi a fan and painting, both gifts that Qianlong gave Yu He years ago.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yan Zi is shot with an arrow by Yong Qi, the fifth prince who was originally aiming for a deer. Wounded and barely conscious, Xiao Yan Zi does not have the energy to explain her mission to Qianlong. When Qianlong sees Xiao Yan Zi carrying his fan and painting, he assumes Xiao Yan Zi is Yu He's daughter. He treats Xiao Yan Zi so kindly that she decides to "borrow" Zi Wei's father for a few days. However, she is soon overcomed with guilt.

Meanwhile, Zi Wei is extremely worried about Xiao Yan Zi, afraid that she was captured and executed as a female assassin. However, when she witnesses Xiao Yan Zi parading the streets with Qianlong in a palaquin with the title "Huan Zhu Ge Ge", she believes Xiao Yan Zi has deceived her. Hurt and confused, she chases after the palaquin, screaming Xiao Yan Zi's name. The commotion she causes alerts the guards who rush to restrain her, but when Fu Er Kang, one of the Emperor's bodyguards, hears hints that she might be telling the truth, he rescues her.

Zi Wei and Jin Suo are persuaded by the Fus to live in the Fu household, Xue Shi Fu, temporarily. Xiao Yan Zi also realizes the greatness of her error where she might be beheaded if she tells the truth. Because both Yong Qi and Er Tai are infatuated with Xiao Yan Zi, they ask Zi Wei to keep quiet about her secret.

Slowly, Er Kang and Zi Wei begin to fall in love. Er Kang realizes their marriage is impossible, however, because he cannot marry Zi Wei if she only has the status of a commoner.

Xiao Yan Zi has her own troubles in the Forbidden City, as her outlandish behaviour and lack of sense of propriety offends the Empress. Even Qianlong becomes overwhelmed with Xiao Yan Zi's disobedience and outspokenness. He punishes Xiao Yan Zi with twenty beatings, despite pleas from Ling Fei, Yong Qi, and Er Tai. However, Qianlong and Xiao Yan Zi soon mend fences.

Sensing the romance between Zi Wei and Er Kang, Er Kang's parents, Fu Da Ren and Fu Jin, kindly ask Zi Wei to give up Er Kang. Heartbroken, Zi Wei and Jin Suo leave Xue Shi Fu without notice, leaving Er Kang in panic. After his search for Zi Wei is unsuccessful, he calls for the help of Xiao Yan Zi. Together, they manage to find out where Zi Wei is from Liu Qing and Liu Hong. When they finally find Zi Wei, they decide it is perhaps the best idea to sneak Zi Wei into the Forbidden City as well.

Zi Wei, along with Jin Suo, enjoys an excellent start in the Forbidden City. Although Zi Wei is but a court maid, Qianlong quickly takes notice of her. He takes a liking to her talent, intelligence, and kindness. This arouses the jealousy of the Empresses, who views Zi Wei as a potential political threat. She secretly brings Zi Wei to her palace, Kun Ning Gong, and pierces her with needles. Zi Wei nearly dies, but is rescued by Qianlong, Xiao Yan Zi, Er Kang, Er Tai, and Yong Qi. The relationship between Qianlong and Zi Wei grows deeper as Qianlong becomes more amazed by Zi Wei's talents. His love for Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei becomes so great that he takes them on his Wei Fu Chu Xing.

Qianlong uses the time to enjoy life outside the Forbidden City. Hoping to reveal Zi Wei's true identity without angering Qianlong, Er Kang, Yong Qi, and Er Tai suggest that they ask for a special order from Qianlong, promising that he will never execute Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi.

During the trip, feelings between Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi begin to arise. Yong Qi begins to have a crush on Xiao Yan Zi after discovering she is not really his sister. However, their relationship is awkward because they are currently considered brother-sister. When Yong Qi first admits his feelings to Xiao Yan Zi, she is confused and bewildered. But, when Xiao Yan Zi is jealous of another girl who likes Yong Qi, she cannot hide her feelings for him. The romance between Zi Wei and Er Kang grows deeper. Unfortunately, Qianlong, not knowing Zi Wei is his daughter, falls in love with Zi Wei as well. Along the way, Xiao Yan Zi fights injustice, rescuing many civilians.

Qianlong's Wei Fu Chu Xing is abruptly put to a halt when an assassination attempt is made on the emperor. Zi Wei shields Qianlong from a knife aimed at him. Everyone manages to get rid of the assassins, but Zi Wei's life is at risk. Zi Wei then asks Qianlong never to execute Xiao Yan Zi. Qianlong agrees, but the mood is not calm at all. Thinking she is on her deathbed, Zi Wei also asks Er Kang to marry Jin Suo, her loyal servant and friend.

Surprisingly, Zi Wei manages to survive getting stabbed. Qianlong's admiration for her grows stronger because of her remarkable bravery. After returning to the Forbidden City, Qianlong hints that he wants to take Zi Wei in as his concubine. Meanwhile, the king of Tibet and his daughter, Princess Sai Ya, have arrived in Beijing.

Sai Ya and Xiao Yan Zi quickly develop a rivalry, as Sai Ya's kung fu skills stir up feelings of competition. After fighting against Er Kang in a match, Sai Ya develops a crush on Er Kang. Her father asks Qianlong if he can arrange a marriage between Sai Ya and Er Kang. Although Qianlong originally intended to save Er Kang for Xiao Yan Zi, he agrees, creating huge dilemmas for Zi Wei and Er Kang.

At this point, Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Yong Qi, Er Kang, Er Tai, and Jin Suo decide it is time to reveal their secret. Qianlong is shocked to discover Zi Wei is his true daughter, as he had once considered taking her in as a concubine. He is hurt to know that Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei, two people he trusted most, had tricked him. The Empress takes advantage of the situation to tell Qianlong that she always knew something was wrong with Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. After pressuring from the Empress, Qianlong agrees to imprison Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei in Zhong Ren Fu, even though Ling Fei pleas that he reconsiders. Jin Suo, wanting to risk her life rather than Zi Wei's, joins them. Yong Qi, Er Kang, and Er Tai are in great turmoil.

Hoping to finish Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei once and for all, Huang Hou conspires with Liang Da Ren, the man in charge of Zhong Ren Fu. She orders him to force Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, and Jin Suo to sign a document stating they disguised as princesses in an attempt to murder Qianlong. Refusing to sign such a ridiculous document, the three girls are whipped harshly. Knowing that the three cannot survive long in such conditions, Yong Qi, Er Kang, and Er Tai decide to risk their lives. They break into the jail and free the three girls. Because they have broken the law, they decide to run away forever.

At the same time, Qianlong begins to regret his actions. He realizes how much he has grown to love Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. His officers and Ling Fei also ask that he release them. Qianlong goes to Zhong Ren Fu and decides to let them go, but is aghast that they had escaped earlier. Furious, Qianlong orders that they be found and all executed.

Feelings of guilt arise as Xiao Yan Zi and her entourage run away. Er Tai decides to return to the Forbidden City and explain matters to Qianlong. Knowing that Er Tai is most likely to be beheaded, Zi Wei begs that they all return and face Qianlong. They soon agree and return to the Forbidden City.

Qianlong originally intends to behead them all, but when he sees that the three girls have been whipped, he is heartbroken. He orders them to return to Shu Fang Zai, where they reside in the Forbidden City, to rest, but they refuse to go until he has forgiven Yong Qi, Er Kang, and Er Tai. Qianlong does not want to at first, but when he realizes the entire matter is actually his fault, he relents. He knows that if he had not gotten involved with Yu He alone in the first place, there would be no fiasco. He also cannot bear to kill his favourite people. Thus, he forgives them all.

At Shu Fang Zai, Qianlong recognizes Zi Wei as his daughter. He hand-feeds her medicine and the two share a father-daughter hug. Because of Qianlong's liking for her, Xiao Yan Zi keeps her title as Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

Everyone is overjoyed, except for the Empress and Rong Mo Mo. The Empress reprimands Qianlong for being tricked by "some eighteen-year-old girls". However, Qianlong ignores her and questions her on her involvement in conspiring against the girls. Angered, Qianlong orders for the Empress' and Rong Mo Mo's immediate removal to Zhong Ren Fu. Yong Qi begs Qianlong to reconsider his verdict as it is inappropriate to punish the "Mother of the Country". In her anger and desperation, the Empress snatches a nearby scissors and cuts part of her hair off, upset that Qianlong no longer considers her thoughts. Zi Wei pleads mercy on their behalf, hoping that she will make peace with the Empress. Qianlong agrees, and the rivalry seems to have ended.

The last obstacle is the proposal between Sai Ya and Er Kang. However, it is easily solved when Er Tai courts Sai Ya as a favour to Er Kang and the two fall in love.

The story concludes with a ceremony, during which Zi Wei is proclaimed Ming Zhu Ge Ge . Qianlong also announces a betrothal between Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi, Zi Wei and Er Kang, and Er Tai and Sai Ya. The three couples, along with Jin Suo, end the series by riding on horseback through the countryside. They sing happily with joy.

Part Two

The sequel to Huan Zhu Ge Ge mainly revolves around Qianlong's newest concubine, Han Xiang, unwillingly sent as a gift from leader Alihezhuo. Han Xiang was born with a natural scent that attracts butterflies. She has long loved another man, Meng Dan, whom she had unsuccessfully eloped with several times.

Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Yong Qi, and Er Kang meet Meng Dan at the restaurant and hotel recently opened by Liu Qing and Liu Hong. There, they learnt of the love story of Meng Dan and Han Xiang. Ultimately, they decide to help Han Xiang escape the Forbidden City and escape with Meng Dan.

After several attempts to resist Qianlong who was trying to force himself on her, Han Xiang accidentally cuts Emperor Qianlong's arm. When the Empress Dowager finds out about this, she secretly forces Han Xiang to drink poison as punishment. Xiao Yan Zi, Yong Qi, Zi Wei, Jin Suo, and Er Kang rush back but were not able to make it in time. Han Xiang is said to have died. Before she "dies", the aroma emitting from her body strengthens and tens of hundreds of butterflies fly to her side and circle the room. They leave and so does the aroma. In the end, Han Xiang is saved by the repeated attempts from Xiao Yan Zi. She is ultimately saved by eating the life-saving medicine that her father gave her, in the case of an emergency. After this affair, Han Xiang loses her scent.

After Han Xiang's escape, the group lies to Qianlong that Han Xiang had turned into a butterfly and flew away. When Qianlong finds out the truth, he sentences Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Yong Qi, Er Kang, and Jin Suo to death. However, they eventually escape with help from their friends. They decide to leave the Forbidden City permanently and travel to . On their trip, they encounter many adventures and unfortunate events.

Later, Qianlong begins to miss their presence and laughter. In the end, the emperor travels to Dali himself to convince them to return to the Forbidden City. There, he awards Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi with a gold insignia each. It can be used to excuse three executions each. Qianlong and the Empress Dowager later discover the Empress had been plotting against Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. Qianlong is furious and commands both the Empress and her maidservant, Rong Mo Mo, to be beheaded. However, Zi Wei pulls out her gold insignia and uses up two pardons: one for Rong Mo Mo and one for the Empress.

Because of this affair, Rong Mo Mo and the Empress both grow appreciative of Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi. Afterwards, Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi, along with Zi Wei and Er Kang, are finally married.

Part Three

In the final installment of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, the actors wer nearly completely changed. The story starts off with Xiao Yanzi accidentally losing a child. The Dowager Empress was now increasingly unhappy with Xiao Yanzi, believing she is not lady-like enough to be Yong Qi's wife, particularly in carrying on the family line. At the same time, Qing Er and Xiao Yanzi's brother, Xiao jian, were also in love. But Tai Hou does not like and Xiao jian, especially after when she found that Xiao Yanzi and Xiao jian's parent was killed by Qian Long. She thought that the slibing may want to hurt Qian Long for revenge. Before she found out this fact, when they went to Chen's family, she met Zhi Hua and thought that she was more suitable for Yong Qi than Xiao Yanzi. Due to all these reasons, Tai hou made a plan to separate them: Yong Qi and Xiao Yanzi, Qing Er and Xiao jian. She threat that she would kill Xiaojian if YongQi does not marry with Zhihua, and request that Zhihua should be wife and Xiao Yanzi should be the mistress. To save Xiaojian's life, they accept Taihou's conditions and Xiaojian were also sent away so that he would not have chance to meet Qing Er.

Although YongQi gives in to marry with Zhihua, Zhihua remain as a virgin after marrying YongQi for quite a long time. But for some incident, Xiaoyanzi was persuade that Zhihua has that right to have a child of YongQi, and she actually force YongQi to enter Zhihua's room. Not long later, Zhihua was found pregnant

Not much time after the news, both YongQi and Er Kang was told to take part in the war with Mian Dian. In the war, when Erkang fights with the eighth 'prince', he found that 'he', or rather 'she', was actually the eighth princess, Musha. Musha was attracted to Erkang and used some trick to make the Qings thought that Erkang was dead, and bring Erkang back to MianDian. In the end YongQi abandons Zhijua and her son, and lives like a commoner with Xiao Yian Zi, QingEr and Xiao Jian. Years later, Erkang and the emperor goes to visit them, they find that both couples are happy and they both have 4 children. YongQi is a doctor


; Emperor Qianlong
Based on a true-life emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong, the emperor in this series is portrayed as a benevolent and caring but often short and hot-tempered father. Part of the Aisin-Gioro ruling family, Qianlong is of Manchu descent. Like the real-life Qianlong, the emperor in Huan Zhu Ge Ge is a lover of arts and literature. Besides his empress, whom he often neglects, he has many concubines, his favourite of which is Consort Ling.

Qianlong first meets Xiao Yan Zi on his hunting grounds, into which she broke into whilst serving as Zi Wei's messenger. Zi Wei is the Emperor's real daughter from a tryst the Emperor had long ago. Her attempts to contact her father have all failed and eventually meets Xiao Yan Zi, a happy go lucky street wanderer, who agrees to sneak onto Imperial hunting grounds to deliver her message during the Emperor's hunting outing. After accidentally being shot by an arrow, Qianlong finds the message she is carrying and mistakes her for his daughter and quickly becomes enamoured with her happy-go-lucky charm and her free spirited ways, unfettered by the protocol and conventions of the nobility. Ironically, though, he later grew to love Zi Wei for completely different reasons-her elegance and eloquence, intelligence and sophistication. At one point, Zi Wei shields him from an assassination attempt. Xiao Yan Zi is taken into the royal household and is dubbed "Huan Zhu Ge Ge", or Princess "Returned Pearl", claiming that she is like a pearl that is lost and then returned/refound; though she is still referred to as Xiao Yan Zi by those closest to her. Xiao Yan Zi eventually convinces the court to allow her to bring Zi Wei into her household, still determined to help her reconnect with her father. Qianlong's feelings for Zi Wei prove problematic when he asks her to be his concubine. Although he is upset when he learns that Zi Wei is his true daughter, he later forgives them for their deception and serves as a very loving father to both his actual daughter and his newly adopted one as well.

; Xiao Yan Zi

The lovable heroine of this story, Xiao Yan Zi is an orphaned adventress living in Beijing. She meets Xia Zi Wei and becomes sworn sisters with her. Through a series of misunderstandings, Xiao Yan Zi is mistakenly proclaimed Princess Huanzhu.

; Xia Zi Wei

Perhaps the exact opposite of Xiao Yan Zi, the gentle Xia Zi Wei is the result of Qianlong's short affair with her mother, Xia Yu He.

; Yong Qi
Also known as Wu A Ge , is the fifth prince. His mother, Yu Fei, died of illness during his childhood. Yong Qi is Qianlong's favourite son, being intelligent, considerate, and skilled at martial arts- and the most-likely heir to the throne. His all-round talents also inspire the jealousy of the Empress, who hopes her son, Shi'r A Ge the twelveth prince, will succeed Qianlong instead. Yong Qi is close friends with the sons of Fu Da Ren: Fu Erkang and Fu Ertai. He and Er Tai are also classmates; both study with Ji Xiaolan, or Ji Shifu.

Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi meet during the same hunting trip that brought the latter into the royal circle. He was the shooter of the fateful arrow that caused Xiao Yan Zi to lose consciousness, triggering the train of events and mistaken identities. Like his father, Yong Qi was besotted by her fun, warm and bold nature. Because Xiao Yan Zi struggles to adjust to living in the Forbidden City, Yong Qi, along with Er Tai, helps her through some early problems. He also learns from Er Kang and Er Tai that Xiao Yan Zi is not the true princess; rather, Zi Wei is. Yong Qi's "like" for Xiao Yan Zi soon turns into love, although he did not admit this for a long time. After Xiao Yan Zi attempts to matchmake Yong Qi with another girl, Yong Qi finally told Xiao Yan Zi his feelings. A confused Xiao Yan Zi later realizes she is also in love with Yong Qi. Throughout the series, Yong Qi goes through much adversity with Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, and Er Kang. Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi go through a relationship with many fights and makeups, until they wed at the end of the sequel, Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2.

; Fu Er Kang
The eldest son of high-ranking noble Fu Lun, the handsome Er Kang is a scholar. Well-trained in kung fu, Er Kang is part of the royal guard. He is not quite as absorbed about Xiao Yan Zi as Yong Qi and Er Tai, but he does get involved in some of Xiao Yan Zi's earlier struggles in the palace. After meeting Zi Wei, the real Huan Zhu Ge Ge, during a parade, Er Kang falls in love with her. Their relationship progresses, but it reaches a dead end. Er Kang realizes that as a son of the aristocracy, he cannot marry Zi Wei, then a commoner. Thus, he brings Zi Wei and her maid Jin Suo into the Forbidden City as court maids through help from Xiao Yan Zi. Er Kang loves Zi Wei dearly. With his background, talents and his air of authority, Er Kang is a very attractive potential husband. At one point, Qianlong decides to pair him with Sai Ya, a princess from Tibet, but he was saved by his younger brother and narrowly escapes the dreaded marriage. Zi Wei once made him promise that he would take Jin Suo as a second wife, but that was later broken off. In the sequel, he is reunited with Princess Qing Er, the Dowager Empress's favourite. He and Qing Er have an interesting history, causing angst and jealousy between him and Zi Wei.

; Fu Er Tai
Er Kang's younger brother, Fu Er Tai, has a lesser critical role. However, he is one of the more important characters in Huan Zhu Ge Ge 1. Er Tai is best friends and classmates with Prince Yong Qi. Like his brother, Er Tai is liked by the emperor. At first, Er Tai has feelings for Xiao Yan Zi, but later defers to Yong Qi as he realizes Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi share a bond even before the two become a couple. When the other couples, Xiao Yan Zi-Yong Qi and Zi Wei-Er Kang, get into arguments, he often serves as the voice of reason. In the end, Er Tai courts Sai Ya to help Er Kang avoid a marriage with her. The two end up falling in love, so Er Tai marries Sai Ya and goes to Tibet. He does not appear in future sequels.

; Jin Suo
Jin Suo is Zi Wei's loyal maid since Jin Suo was seven. Jin Suo always looks out for Zi Wei's best interests, and does not show any self-concern. At first, Jin Suo does not like Xiao Yan Zi very much because she affects the friendship between her and Zi Wei, but later is impressed by Xiao Yan Zi's courage. She joins Zi Wei as a court maid when they first enter the palace, and later remains a court maid after Zi Wei is crowned Ming Zhu Ge Ge. Jin Suo is greatly hurt in the sequel when she finds out Er Kang does not want her as a wife. However, she later falls in love with Liu Qing, one of Xiao Yan Zi's best friends.

; The Empress
The archnemesis of Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Yong Qi, and Er Kang, the seems to be a heartless, cruel, and jealous empress. However, much of these feelings arise because Qianlong, who she cares much for, often neglects her. More outspoken and strict than Qianlong's other wives, Huang Hou does not win his favour. She is extremely jealous of concubine Ling Fei, Qianlong's favourite concubine, Yong Qi, who endangers her son's chances of inheriting the throne, as well as Xiao Yan Zi, who, despite her lack of discipline, always wins Qianlong's support and encouragement. Her feelings become intensified when Zi Wei arrives, as Zi Wei's talent, beauty, and kindness win the liking of Qianlong. Thus, she shows signs of cruelty, attempting to hurt those she is jealous of. She most often takes out her anger on Zi Wei, as she is unlikely to fight back. For instance, at one point, Huang Hou pierces Zi Wei with needles. At the end of HZGG 1, it seems as if Huang Hou has redeemed herself. Zi Wei pleads for Qianlong to forgive Huang Hou, and Zi Wei and Huang Hou share a hug. However, Huang Hou returns to her menacing ways in HZGG 2, with even worse plots to make the princesses miserable. When she is rescued from execution by Zi Wei, Xiao Yan Zi, Yong Qi, and Er Kang, she finally changes her ways and becomes a better person. She even hand-sews Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi's wedding dresses. In HZGG3, she becomes a devout Buddhist, and in very good terms with Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. She is asked by Qianlong to join him on a vacation to the south of China. When she gets there, she hears about Xia Ying Ying, and writes a letter to Qianlong with her blood. He becomes furious with her and refuses to read her letter, so she cuts her hair and almost tries to commit suicide. The Emperor's temper worsens and he sends her back to Beijing with Rong Mo Mo to live in deserted place in the Forbidden City. He also demotes her and takes away her privileges as Empress. Back in Beijing, she shaves her head and becomes a Buddhist nun. Months after Qianlong and company return, she falls ill and eventually dies.

; Rong Mo Mo/Nanny Rong
The empress's loyal nanny/wetnurse, Rong Mo Mo, serves as her sort of "sidekick" throughout the series. Like the empress, she greatly dislikes Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. She is a very ruthless person, not the least bit unwilling to inflict great pain on others. At the beginning of HZGG 2, when the empress no longer wants to hurt Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei, Rong Mo Mo instigate her to continue for the well-being of her son. However, she is extremely loyal and always puts the empress before herself. This is perhaps her single positive trait. Like the empress, she redeems herself in the end and is forgiven. In HZGG 3, she stays loyal to Huang Hou. She also becomes and devout Buddhist and is at good terms with Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. She goes back to Beijing early with the empress and remains a faithful servant. Xiao Yan Zi once referred to Rong Mo Mo as a motherly figure, which reconfirms their peace. When the empress dies, Rong Mo Mo commits suicide by stabbing herself, so that she can serve her mistress in the afterlife.

; Ling Fei/Consort Ling
is Qianlong's favourite concubine. She is the sister of lady Fu, the mother of Er Kang and Er Tai. Althgouh she has children of her own, she treats Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei like her own daughters. She always makes an effort to help Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei during difficult times. Qianlong spends the most time with her, but neglects her in HZGG 2 while she is pregnant. Instead, Qianlong spends time with his newest concubine, Han Xiang . Nevertheless, Ling Fei forgives him. In HZGG3, she is yet again pregnant and remains Qianlong's favourite. She helps Xiao Yan Zi in her times of need with Zhi Hua and Yong Qi.

; Liu Qing
One of Xiao Yan Zi's two most trusted friends outside the Forbidden City, Liu Qing is a typical commoner from Beijing. He is not nearly as educated as Yong Qi or Er Kang, but is a kind, helpful, and loyal. Liu Qing sometimes has a rash temper, but his intentions are good. However, he is extremely skilled in kung fu, which helps him make a living. Although he grew up with Xiao Yan Zi, the two are only friends. When Liu Qing first met Zi Wei, he had feelings for her, but he knew he could not compete with Er Kang. Thus, he decided to give up his feelings. Later, he owns a restaurant, Hui Bing Lou, with his sister Liu Hong. He is always willing to help Xiao Yan Zi and her friends with anything they need. In the end, Liu Qing falls in love with Zi Wei's maid Jin Suo. The two are married.

; Liu Hong
The other of Xiao Yan Zi's most trusted friends, Liu Hong is Liu Qing's sister. She is also very skilled in kung fu and often performs with her brother. Sometimes, when Liu Qing loses his temper, Liu Hong acts more reasonably. Like her brother, she is willing to go to any lengths to help Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Yong Qi, and Er Kang.

; Sai Ya
A princess from Tibet, Sai Ya and her father arrive in Beijing in hopes of a marriage with the Aisin-Gioro royal family. Sai Ya is somewhat spoiled and gets very competitive with Xiao Yan Zi. The two actually share many characteristics, including a lack of interest in literacy, a feisty temper, and an enjoyment for physical activities like kung fu. Sai Ya first develops an interest in Er Kang after fighting with him during a kung fu match, but later realizes Er Tai is the man for her.

; Empress Dowager
The mother of Qianlong, is a very traditional woman. She does not always like new ideas and prefers prim, proper ladies. Many call her by her title, "Lao Fo Ye", or Old . Thus, she does not take a liking to Zi Wei because she was born out of wedlock. She dislikes Xiao Yan Zi even more for her feisty, unladylike attitude. However, she dotes on Qing Er, whom she raised, and cares deeply about Qianlong's best interests. Additionally, she wants to break up the betrothal between Zi Wei and Er Kang, as Qing Er liked Er Kang. She also wants Yong Qi to marry a more proper lady than Xiao Yan Zi. Tai Hou likes and trusts Huang Hou as she does not know how wicked Huang Hou is. Huang Hou takes advantage of this, making sure Tai Hou sees Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei at their worst moments. Tai Hou often punishes Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei, as she has only seen them in trouble. However, when Huang Hou's evil ways are discovered and the two princesses plead for forgiveness on Huang Hou's behalf, Tai Hou realizes how special and kind-hearted they are. In the end, she treats them as her granddaughters.

; Han Xiang
A new character in Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2, is a princess from Xinjiang. Her father, Ali He Zhuo, the leader of the tribe, came to Beijing in hopes of making peace with China. Han Xiang was unique because her body carried a beautiful scent that attracts butterflies. Han Xiang was offered as a gift to Qianlong. As Qianlong was quite taken with Han Xiang's beauty and fragrance, he gladly accepted Han Xiang as his concubine. Although Han Xiang was given the title Xiang Fei and constantly doted on by the emperor, Han Xiang's heart was with a childhood lover named Meng Dan. Her insecurities in the Forbidden City and rejection of Qianlong's love result in trouble, thus leading to the climax of Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

; Meng Dan
Han Xiang's lover, Meng Dan, is part of the tribe. He loved Han Xiang from his childhood, and although the two eloped seven times, they were unsuccessful because of Han Xiang's fragrance. With help from Xiao Yan Zi and her friends, however, Meng Dan is finally able to unite with Han Xiang.

; Qing Er
The daughter of Qianlong's brother, Qing Er's parents died when she was young, so Tai Hou took her in as her foster daughter. Qing Er is proper, pretty, and intelligent, as well as a smooth talker, thus gaining Tai Hou's liking. Qing Er falls in love with Er Kang, but when she returns to the Forbidden City from Tai Hou's religious pilgrimage, she finds that Er Kang is already betrothed to Zi Wei.

; Xiao Jian
Xiao Yan Zi first meets Xiao Jian, a lover of poetry and drinking, at Hui Bing Lou, a restaurant owned by Liu Qing and Liu Hong. He carries around two possessions: a bamboo flute and a sword , hence his name. At first, he pretends he does not know any kung fu to avoid fighting with Xiao Yan Zi, but later reveals his kung fu skills when he rescues Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei from beheading.

; Xia Yingying
A relatively insignificant character in Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3, Xia Yingying is a prostitute Qianlong meets on his trip to Jiang Nan. The author, Chiung Yao, created this character exclusively for actress Jiang Qinqin. Qianlong is very taken by Xia Yingying, as she is charming and talented. However, because she came from a brothel, Tai Hou did not approve. Xia Yingying then decided to leave Qianlong, never reappearing in the story.

; Mu Sha
A princess from Burma, Mu Sha and Er Kang first meet on the battlefield, when Mian Dian and China are at war. Disguised as a man, Mu Sha falls in love with Er Kang. After Er Kang is hurt, she takes him to Burma for medical treatment. However, she gets Er Kang addicted on cocaine. She later uses cocaine as a way to keep Er Kang from leaving her for Zi Wei. In the end, however, Mu Sha lets Er Kang and Zi Wei reunite after discovering the deep love between them.

; Zhi Hua
Known for her talent in painting , Zhi Hua is accurately named. She is a daughter of the Chen family, a family that has close ties with Tai Hou. Hoping to find Yong Qi a more proper wife who can bear a child, Tai Hou proposes a match between Zhi Hua and Yong Qi. Although Yong Qi first does not want a second wife, he reluctantly gives in when Xiao Jian's life is at risk. Zhi Hua later has Yong Qi's child, Mien Yi, but in the end, Yong Qi leaves the Forbidden City with Xiao Yan Zi, abandoning Zhi Hua and her son.

Additional characters include Xiao Yan Zi's and Zi Wei's faithful eunuchs Xiao Deng Zi and Xiao Zhuo Zi and their maids, Ming Yue and Cai Xia. Unlike many other royals of the time, Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei treat their servants like family. Thus, their servants like them very much.


Nearly all of the lyrics for songs in Huan Zhu Ge Ge were written by the writer, , while other composers contributed to the music.

The opening theme, as well as main theme, for Part One was "Dang" , which means "When". The song was performed by a group called Power Station . Additionally, two more traditional songs were composed for the character Zi Wei and performed on the zither, titled "Shan Shui Tiao Tiao" and "Cheng Xiang Yi". However, both of these were not performed by Ruby Lin, the actress who portrayed Zi Wei. Instead, Fang Qiong sang both songs. During their trip outside the Forbidden City, Zhao Wei and Ruby Lin, who play the female leads Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei, sang the merry tune "Jin Ri Tian Qi Hao Qing Lang", directly translated as "Today's Weather is Very Sunny and Bright". Finally, the ending theme, "Yu Die", or "Rain Butterfly", was sung by Li Yijun.

Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2 presented a much more diverse soundtrack, as it was a higher-budget production. Many of the themes in the sequel were sung by lead actress Zhao Wei, including the main opening theme, "Zi Cong You Le Ni", translated as "Since I Have Had You". Other songs Vicki Zhao sang included one of the ending themes, "You Yi Ge Gu Niang" and "Wo Men" , a sub-theme. Vicki Zhao also did perform a remix of "Dang", the opening theme from Part One, titled "Bu Neng He Ni Fen Shou". Her singing in Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2 launched her career as a singer. Furthermore, actress Ruby Lin and Zhou Jie, who portray the couple Zi Wei and Er Kang, sang the other ending theme, "Ni Shi Feng Er Wo Shi Sha" . The character Zi Wei sang another song accompanied by her zither called "Meng Li" , but this time Ruby Lin provided the vocals. In the soundtrack version, Ruby Lin and Zhou Jie have a duet on "Meng Li", although in the series, only Ruby Lin sings the song.

My Family (TVB)

My Family is an episodic drama produced and broadcast by Hong Kong's Television Broadcasts Limited 2004. It consist of 20 episodes. It also aired on Singapore's MediaCorp TV Channel 8, premiering on 24 September 2007.


* Chung King Fai as Wen Tailai
* Ha Yu as Wen Chaojie
* Hawick Lau as Freeman Wen Yilang
* Alex Fong Lik Sun as Ray
* Shirley Yeung as Miki
* Belinda Hamnett as Akubi
* Sam Chan as Kevin
* Rebecca Chan
* Angela Tong


Grandpa Wen Tailai controls the Wen family with an iron fist, much the the displeasure of his son Chaojie, who is constantly trying to assert his authority within the family. When Grandpa comes down with Parkinson's Disease, he hides his anxieties by retiring from his job as a school principal and concealing his ailment from his family. When the truth is revealed, he decides to step down as the patriarch of his family and lets his son run the family.

Relationships in the family worsen when eldest son Freeman moves out and he and second son Ray end up competing for the same girl, an aspiring cake maker named Miki, while the third son becomes especially rebellious as his father tries to assert himself as the family patriarch by implementing stricter and less reasonable rules for his sons to follow. When the Wen family starts teetering off the track, the old and retired Grandpa had to step in to clear the mess and gently guide everyone back.